Custom Pallets and Crating
Industrial Woodkraft specializes in designing custom pallets or crates that are right for you. We use a Pallet Design System Software to engineer the best possible pallet or skid for your particular needs. We produce pallets and skids for a variety of industries so we have seen and experienced countless special situations and unique requirements that our customers demand. Most importantly, we document and retain the successes from across these numerous industries in order to share these experiences with our customers, so you can take advantage of "best practices" and the "right recommendations". How many pallet suppliers can provide continuous improvement concepts.....we can!

Standard Pallets
We offer and provide a wide range of new, standard size pallets for those high volume demands that you may need. We manufacture new GMA pallets and have our own heat treating process ready to serve your needs.  

Corporate Pallet Program
We also take on Nationwide Corporate Pallet Programs for large companies that have numerous
distribution centers and warehouses for mass distribution of its products. A testimony to this concept is we are the single source for a Corporate Pallet Program for a large producer with 5 distribution centers across the U.S. using more than 1 Million pallets annually. The result of our involvement in taking ownership of this program has yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings and ONE approved, standardized recycled pallet size for all distribution centers. By sourcing centrally through Industrial Woodkraft and our key alliances of recycled pallet producers, we analyzed their pallet needs and optimized their distribution and handling of their products. Put us to work for you today if you have not analyzed this concept.
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