These are the Corrugated Guidelines and Data to complete and submit for quoting. In most instances, you will receive our quote within 48 hours if a sample is received. If not, then you can expect to receive a quote within 3-5 business days after we receive your quote request. 
Answer all questions as accurately as possible on the form below.
Do you have a sample (this is preferred for accuracy if you have it):
Do you have a drawing:
Is this a box, divider, or partition:
Is this customer specific:
Date you need this product:
Annual estimated volume:
Size of box dimension:
Single or Double Wall:
Estimate weight of contents:
Anti-Static/ESD required:
Do you require strength testing for this product:
Do you require any special printing on this product:
How is this product shipped to your customer:
Is this shipped on pallets:
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